Friday, July 15, 2011

Missing: Hope Johnston & Marie Hanson, last were both seen at Rainbow Gathering

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Nancy E said...

Hope Johnston was found as she left the gathering sometime after July 15th.
Marie Hanson is still missing and her family is frantic. It is totally unlike Marie to vanish. Marie is a loving wife, mother and grandmother with close ties to her church and community. She adores her grandchildren, seeing them almost every day. The neighbors who traveled to the gathering with her last saw her on July 6th, and this has been confirmed by many others at the gathering. Her neighbors looked for her between July 7th-10th, before having to come home. Marie never retured to their camp, leaving her purse, medicine and camping gear.
Please contact us ( if you saw Marie Hanson after the 6th, spoke to her at any time during the gathering or have any information for law enforcement or the family. Thank you so much,
Nancy (Marie's daughter's mother-in-law)