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We Love You film

We Love You from Jonathan Kalafer.

We Love You documents the Rainbow Rainbow Family of Living Light. Every summer since 1972 thousands of people co-create a temporary city deep in the wilderness of our national forests to practice anarchy and hippy spirituality. This isn't a music festival; there is no charge for entry and the main event is an elaborate prayer for peace on July 4th. The Rainbows peaceful ways are challenged when federal agents charged with monitoring them shoot pepper spray projectiles into the children's' area of the gathering.

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A rebuttal to "Janie Frame's totally fictitious "true" account"

Being anon has it's pro's and cons.

Some might think I am anon, but that is far from the truth, as many people know who I am.

I am a very outspoken individual.

I have my own thoughts, my own mind, and my own beliefs.

Lately, I have spoken up and out against the recent shooting, and have openly questioned Janie Frame's version of events.

I have been attacked in AGRO for having an opinion.

Attacked for "attacking the VICTIM" of a violent crime.

I have, from the beginning, wondered just who the victim is.

To me... Rainbow is the VICTIM, FAMILY is the VICTIM, and every person that will suffer new restrictions placed upon us... ARE the VICTIMS.

Since first reading about Janie's account of the shooting, something just did not jive with me, about what was being said.

I have been to two dozen gatherings and NEVER encountered such a display of ignorance and arrogance.

Sure there have been some doozies, and people have been hurt, but never have I seen a person with an assault rifle go ballistic on over a dozen people and not have any concern or safety for all the sleeping children around them.... KNOWING that someone would end up getting hurt.

Personally, I am glad it was the guy that pulled the rifle, vs some innocent sleeping child!

I find it very interesting that Janie and her father, felt that they needed to get online before any word got out, and put out THEIR version of the story FIRST. Her story was rushed, very sketchy, and full of blame on anyone and everyone involved EXCEPT THEMSELVES!

Janie's father tells the police and news paper, that he had no intention on shooting anyone, and that he was only trying to scare people off.

Yet, yesterday, Janie herself comes on AGRO and tells people that her father HAD EVERY INTENTION ON SHOOTING SOMEONE... but, here is the kicker... HE DID NOT KNOW WHO TO SHOOT!

Personally, knowing there is always more to every story, I have been awaiting for more of the story to show up.

There is chatter about him going around all week and bragging about his assault rifle.

There has been chatter that he was one of the drunks that contributed to the shitty environment this year.

Then there is a new rebuttal to Janie's version of events.

I will post that next.

I believe in all our rights to our own freedom of speech. I have recently opened up the comment section of this blog so that people can add any input to the past few years of news stories. I have left it open to anon posts but it is moderated.

I would like to make it clear that I am not a "hater" against Janie and her father.

I hope she gets the mental help she needs for having to witness such a traumatic event involving someone so close to her.

I hope her father gets the best medical care that a person with nothing can get!

I just want the truth to come out and I want the facts to be known.

Too many  people jump on someone's band wagon before they even know what is going on.

If people want to hate me more for speaking out and wondering why something does not sound right... SO BE IT!


(to the person that wrote and spread this rebuttal... could you please stand up and put a name behind it? It would be much more credible and help get the truth out. And our family needs the truth to come out!)
Please post this to any Rainbow Family forums you have access to, particularly those already having read Janie Frame's totally fictitious "true" account 
First of all, I would like to clear up the accusations of A Camp's involvement. A Camp had absolutely zero involvement in the incident. There was no A Camp there. A Camp is a group of tightly knit brothers, none of whom were present at the Shawnee gathering.

On the night in question, there were several people drinking and hanging out in the parking lot. They were apparently smoking a joint when one (the RV owner) became agitated and a fight broke out. I heard my friend calling out in distress and I rushed to their aid. When I walked up I saw that the RV door was open with the screen door closed, and there was a female inside weilding a hatchet and screaming violent threats to anyone outside--to wit, "I can hit you if you come near my house!" The female outside most closely being threatened shut the camper door, obviously to keep the hysteriac inside. After the door shut, I clearly heard a man inside yelling, "I've got a gun! I'll shoot you!" Next, he SHOT the gun out of his window--not into the air, at human-being-level randomly into the darkness. Next, the camper door swung open and a man stepped out holding a large rifle. He SHOT the gun again, out the door--again, not into the air, not into the ground, but randomly into the darkness and potentially into the body(ies) of whatever unfortunate human happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Keep in mind, this is a bolt-action rifle and has to be reloaded before each shot. At this point, a man sensing the imminent danger attempted to disarm him, and caught the barrel of the gun right beneath his chin. The man holding the gun then VISIBLY PULLED THE TRIGGER, but fortunately had not loaded another round, thereby sparing the life of a member of our family. That's when two other men stepped in and began to struggle for possession of the gun, apparently during which time the gun-toter managed to reload, because the next thing I heard was the loud bang of a gunshot. (I find it quite interesting that Ms. Janie Frame can provide such a detailed eyewitness account, being that she was inside the camper the entire time.) Luckily, no one was harmed except the violent psychopath who decided not only to bring a gun to a gathering, but to shoot it randomly into the darkness. I should take this moment to mention that earlier, maybe a day before, I spoke with a sister who said that the gun-toting man in question had been hitting on her rather aggressively and told her, "Don't worry, if anyone fucks with you, I'll shoot 'em with my gun." Also, several days earlier, one night we all heard a loud BANG and thought, It wasn't a gunshot, was it a firework? It smelled like a firework. Sure was loud. It was heard clearly throughout the woods, people all the way down at Tea Time heard it. There was speculation of it being a propane tank but there was no tank debris and a distinct sulphur aroma. Well, after the man had been disarmed, the RV was raided to make sure there were no more weapons threatening our family, and sure enough, a quantity of dynamite was recovered. It was in everyone's interest to go through the RV and make sure he didn't have another gun in there, or something else outrageous and harmful to all of us. During this time, the windows of the RV were broken, which I attribute to our family's rage at having their safety and lives threatened so intensely in what's supposed to be all of our Home. I witnessed all this from close by, but haven't spoken to any police or authorities because I believe in solving our own problems without outside help--which, I believe, this was an excellent example of. !

Our brothers and sisters handled a highly volatile situation in the best manner possible, and I feel very proud of my family. It makes me feel safer knowing that I have such strong family risking their lives to protect me, you, and all of us. We all owe a great amount of thanks to the courageous members of our family who risked injury or death to keep this threat from reaching us. 
Go in Love and Light

Monday, October 11, 2010

FW: Shooting at Shawnee gathering

Here is Janie Frames's account of what happened. We wish her family the best through the awkward and difficult times.

I am kind of at odds over the whole situation.

I do not know what to think about all of the people that were involved in this assault.

I am sure we will find out soon.

I also do not know what I think about a man going to the gathering with a powerful rifle, pulling it on a group of people as an intimidation, and others not finding it offensive!

Reminds me of a post, last year, about how shitty Shawnee is!!!

->here<- and ->here<- 

Ironically it is written by a person who felt they were GANG STALKED!


hello family :)

my name is janie frame, i am requesting a copy of the guide or any
numbers which i can reach family for the purpose of organizing a
council. i am organizing this council because i am the daughter and
witness of the man shot by a-camp at the shawnee ntl forest. I need
contact info as soon as you can manage. Here is my story i posted on
facebook and hopefully some forums soon explaining the truth about
what happened, and it is horrible. also i have pictures on my
facebook, if you can help me in any way to get ahold of as mjuch
family as possible i appreciate it so much.

To all my rainbow family -
If you didnt hear about the shooting at the Shawnee gathering on
October 9th, 3:45 AM. My names janie my dad was the one shot, and i
was there for the whole thing. copy and paste this wherever you want
this is the true story straight up not from a-camp.
We had a little camper in bus village and a little fire outside where
people were hanging out drinking, we went to bed and let the fire
burn so people could still hang out, at about 3:30 they were really
loud and we went outside and asked them to be quieter and they said
"well be gone in a minute" we went to bed they woke us up again so we
asked them this time to please leave and they told us to go "get a
fucking hotel room" so I got my water jug and poured it on the fire
and told them to go back to their camp because this was our camp and
my dad was sick and needed his sleep, then there was a verbal fight
between my dad and somebody my dad pushed him and we went in our
camper and locked the door, they left back to a camp and retured with
a total of maybe 10 or 15 people and one girl was banging on the door
and i got a tomahawk and stood at the door and told her if she came
in my house i could hurt her if i wanted to. she tried to force
herself in, i kicked her and shut the door again and told them all to
leave again. then they smashed our back window and our two side
windows and said they were coming in and going to kill us, thats when
my dad loaded his gun we had for protection from mountain lions or
bears because we travel. we had it not just to "bring to rainbow", it
was a world war 2 mosin nagante 38 caliber extremely powerful rifle.
so my dad went outside and shot a round in the air since we were
threatened to be killed. 10 people jumped my dad and were fighting
over the gun i was hitting the guy wrestling with my dad in the back
with a tomahawk very hard, a man with a blond gaotee mustache and
ponytail, very skinny, got the gun from my dad and pointed it at his
heart, my dad put his hands up and said 'please dont kill me' so he
pointed it at his knee and fired it went in one leg out the other and
through the other leg, and he said with the most cold hearted voice i
ever heard, 'there aint no fucking guns in my woods motherfucker' and
they took the gun and while my dad was bleeding to death they were
laughing saying shanti-sina and i was screaming help no one was
coming finally the a campers left and i was still screaming when
finally a guy from not a fucking kitchen came thank god and drove my
dad to the emergency room. The gun, is a very very powerful gun. my
dads leg was just, well it looked like someting took a huge bite out
of it not just a bullet hole. also i have a one year old son whos
very close to his grandpa, i cant say just how angry i am especially
since the cops didnt hardly do shit and never found the guy. after we
left a camp smashed the rest of our windows and windshield and stole
all of our food my clothes my keyboard everything i had and destroyed
my home. now my dads in the hospital and wont walk for some months he
doesnt have any insurance but thankfully its a religious hospital and
they're going to help him. but i dont know what were going to do
after this. Rainbow needs to council about this whole a camp
bullshit, if we let them do this to us then rainbow cant go on as a
peaceful community, weve tried banishing them to the outside but they
still are violent people and not supposed to come in to other camps
especially drunk which they all were. all week before this i heard
about them beating up random people passing through one girl i met
had a black eye and said she didnt do anything but say hi. why the
hell are we still letting them be at rainbow? why are we afraid of
them and let them try and run things? we need to council anybody who
wants to come email me and ill try and organize something close to my
hometown in southern indiana it could be in a surrounding state
depending on the circumstances. lovin you guys dont beleive rumors
this is what happened. ill put pics in an album warning some show

Police investigate shooting incident at Rainbow campground

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