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Shawnee, Illinois "rainbow" gathering..beat up for standing up

Interesting posting found here , about an experience at this year's Shawnee gathering, comparing Rainbow to Gangstalkers!

'Messiah' is guilty of rape charges

Woman 'in seven day rape ordeal'

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copy of letter sent to friends of michael funk our ride share from hell

Interesting letter floating around that describes a 12 year old's experience at this years Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico.

Pretty sad.

Rainbow Gatherers stealing from little kids!

I do not put anything past the people that show up now a days.

.my name is nicholas farnsworth...i am 12 years old...michael funk took my father and i to the rainbow gathering in new mexico...he convinced us to bring much more than we needed so that he would be comfortable...tents tarps bycycle and trailor to haul his things in..i brought my sony psp worth 150.00 used so that i could play games and watch movies on the way father and michael did not get along they avoided each other for most of the two weeks we were there...the morning we were supposed to leave for home michael and my father had an argument...michael was refusing to help haul out our camping gear even tho he used it for two weeks ...chairs sleeping matts..lantern tents tarps my bycycle and trailor much more.. all things we shared with him at the gathering' he told my dad who is disabled he had two hours to get our things up to the car would take twice that long if my dad wasnt disabled...he was leaving us 600 miles from home...when my dad realized we were being left we followed michael to his car to try to retrieve my sony psp we had left it in the car he refused to let my dad look for it. he took my psp with him when he drove away.....i also had to leave my bike and trailor and all of our camping gear because we had to hitchhike home.please see what you can do to have michael return my psp...i thought he was our can call me and talk to me in person at ***-***-****...thank you
nicholas farnsworth

Stab wounds, parvovirus downside of gathering

Rainbow Gathering creates peace, love and piles of trash

Soggy Rainbow Gathering ends

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NM law enforcement busy keeping eye on Rainbow Family gathering in Santa Fe National Forest

New found Rainbow

It's believed the 31-year-old mother made some new friends and will stay in the Santa Fe National Forest for the annual Rainbow Gathering: practicing the ideals of peace, love, and harmony.

Rainbow members hit by ticket barrage

Rainbow people claim harassment by police

120 citations, seven arrests at Rainbow gathering

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Forest Service Twitter

Even the FS has to get in on Twitter!

-> here <-

Not much to read other than the common over-inflated figures of attendees!

FS also has a little portal on their site. -> here <-

Angels for Gabriel

Here is a memorial site for Gabriel, who accidentally drowned at the California regional this year, and will be missed by many forever.

Angels for Gabriel

3-year-old Found Dead During Camping Trip

Police say 3-year-old Calif. boy likely drowned

3-year-old dies at Siskiyou campsite

Rainbow Family gathering results in citations

Rainbow Family Descends On NM Town

Rainbows have permit this year – allegedly